Inbound Marketing – The Customer Experience

When I think of inbound marketing, the first thing that pops into my head is Facebook. Social media is one of the many forms of inbound marketing; many companies have a Facebook page in which people may follow to see their posts and updates. Sharing is a big part of inbound marketing and posts on Facebook are constantly getting shared; anything interesting and humorous will be seen by many people.

So what exactly is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a natural way of attracting customers to your product. This may be accomplished in a variety of different ways such as blogs, social media sites, articles, videos, emails, and so on. It is basically done through any sort of online communication by posting interesting and entertaining things that people will enjoy and share with others. This type of marketing is mainly about the people. It gets people to come to you and not the other way around, which is less interruptive and annoying to them. This is beneficial to both you and the customers; happy customers make for a good business.

It is important to note that inbound marketing should never be used in isolation. In the article we saw how Acme Software’s reliance on inbound marketing resulted in slower growth. This being said, it is of great significance for the greater good of your company to have a mix of marketing tactics. Using both outbound and inbound marketing will maximize revenue. Another important aspect to note is that you should not be too generic in your inbound marketing; meaning you need to know your target market.

On the Hub Spot website, their specific inbound marketing steps are to attract, convert, close, and delight. Step one is to attract the potential customers to your site by sharing valuable information and content that will interest them. After you get people to your site, step two is to convert them into leads. In order to do this, you much gather their contact information. This leads to step three, close, in which you take those leads and turn them into actual customers. With the contact information you gathered, you may send those people information. the last step is delight, where you keep in contact and engage those customers.

The Technology

Social Inbox, for those of you who don’t know, is a website from Hub Spot that gives you the ability to create a stream based on specific keywords which will show you posts from Twitter with those keywords. I think that this is a brilliant creation, it gives companies and marketers the ability to track and monitor customers and potential customers.

Content Optimization System (COS) is a way to “turn your website into your best sales rep” as it says in the video Inbound 2013 Keynote. It is a little different from Content Management Systems (CMS) in which it gives a better experience on the website. Based on the amount of times you have visited the site, it will be a different experience whether you are a potential customer or already a customer. Another feature of COS is that you are able to preview what a website will look like on different types of devices. I think COS is a handy tool for inbound marketing because it is important to provide a good customer experience with the website; the content should be easily accessible. To be able to change the website to adapt to the specific user, whether they are new to the site or a loyal customer, is convenient for the user.

Signals is application for sales people that will work within other sales applications. It gives you “signals” or notifications when people have viewed a website, opened an email, and so forth. It is a convenient and time efficient tool. I think that this is a great tool to use for inbound marketing because the sales people are able to quickly respond and keep track of activities.


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