“One Account. All of Google.”

To be honest, I have never used Google Plus (G+). So when it comes to using it, I am just as confused as you are. To help you understand the purpose of G+, check out the video provided below. For more detailed videos on how to use G+, take a look at this article: ‘What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide.’

What is the purpose of G+ and how can it benefit your company?

When you first arrive at the login page for Google Plus, it says “One Account. All of Google.” G+ is more than just a social media website; it combines the different Google features all into one place. As you sign on to your Google account, you are signing into everything Google (G+, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Play, etc.). This integration of Google features is convenient and easy to use. It is especially convenient in sharing content on G+. For example, your YouTube videos are accessible straight through the video uploader.

Not only does Google Plus have the integration of features, but this social media platform is much more customizable than any other. There is this concept of Circles, where you are able to sort your friends into different categories. This is ideal for businesses and marketers because you are able to organize different target audiences. When posting on G+, you decide who is able to see the post; whether it is everyone or only specific circles. Which is good for customizing content for specific target audiences.

Google Plus may not necessarily be as popular as the other social media sites but it is continuously growing.

Gmail and G+

Google has plans to integrate Gmail and Google Plus by making it possible to send anyone an email as long as they have both accounts and are a follower on G+. This creates an advantage for businesses; giving them the ability to connect with people. I think this could be great if a business wants to seek out potential employees; or vice versa.


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