Paid Media. Is it still useful?

In digital marketing, there are three types of media: earned, owned, and paid. Earned media is basically the sharing of the content you post. If you provide interesting, noteworthy content on the Internet, people will repost it on their own site which in turn leads to greater exposure. Owned media is essential any “web property.” This would include a website, blog, or any sort of social media platform that you control. Paid media is a way for companies to buy and gain exposure through things such as display ads, paid search, and sponsorship. It is important in order to drive earned media.

The combination of these three is what makes digital marketing successful.  You might think, ‘why do I still need paid media when I can just use earned media?’ Well, with earned media you can only reach so many people; it is limited to the amount of shares your content gets. With paid media, you have the opportunity to reach more people; increasing the traffic to your site.

Native Advertising

The word native means to exist in, belong to. Therefore, when thinking of native advertising, it should be thought of something that belongs. Native advertising is a way of integrating advertisements into the same form as the rest of the content on the page. This is an ideal form of advertising because typically ads are annoying. Especially when you get random pop-ups, or when you have to watch the 15 seconds ads on YouTube before you are able to watch the actual video you were trying to play. Having ads that blend in with the rest of the content makes it less annoying and disruptive to the user. This leads to acknowledgement and interest rather than getting angry at the advertisement for disturbing the user.

Business Insider is a good example of native advertising. The sponsored content on their site blends in with the rest of the content in w ay that is informational. The content provided is not necessarily about the business that is sponsoring it, but rather an interesting topic. This is a way of getting the companies name out there in a respectful way. You are providing good content that readers will actually enjoy.

Programmatic Ad Buying

Programmatic ad buying is the buying and selling of media through automation. Machines will be the ones handling all of the processes involved in buying media. With these processes becoming computerized and automatic, it will not necessarily eliminate the need for media buyers but it will allow media buyers to focus on other aspects of the job.

Programmatic ad buying will be coming to broadcast television. In the article ‘Is Programmatic TV Buying the Future of the Now,’ it states that data will only become more detailed and accurate as time goes on, thus becoming even more valuable to programmatic buying. So why wouldn’t programmatic ad buying come to television? It is an efficient and time saving marketing technique; allowing media buyers to focus on other areas.


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