SQL + Marketing = Efficiency

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the language used to communicate with databases in order to access and manipulate the data.

With the knowledge of SQL, marketers no longer have the need to rely on developers to help them with this process of extracting and manipulating the databases. It essentially speeds up the process at which the marketers can learn and execute marketing strategies since they are able to handle every aspect with little to no assistance. Marketers are able to devise, develop, launch, and analyze their marketing campaigns.

It is becoming more important for marketers to have both a breadth and depth of skills, especially technical skills, because employers are looking for well-rounded people. For a marketer to not only understand what needs to be done, but to also be able to implement these actions themselves is ideal. They want someone who will be able to handle situations on their own. To the employer that means hiring one less person, saving the company money.

Barnes & Noble is currently looking for someone to fill their “Analyst, Database Marketing-SQL” position at their New York office.

The responsibilities of this job include the following:

  • Identify and execute new programming and marketing opportunities, based on customer behaviors and attributes.
  • Develop new email programming based on customers activity or inactivity.
  • Analyze email and direct marketing campaigns, and suggest strategies to improve performance.
  • Assist in design, development, and execution of periodic and ad-hoc reporting.

As you can see, the responsibilities included pertain to both marketing and technical skills. This job entails being able to fully understand and strategize how to market to your audience and also being able to write the SQL statements in order to obtain the necessary data to do that.

This is important for their business because they want fast results. Not having to rely on a developer to get the SQL statements done saves hours and possibly even days; valuable time that the marketer can be using to work on marketing strategies. Speed is important in a growing business; to be able to keep up with your consumers and your competition.


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