Mobile Websites and Applications

Most of society, including myself, keep our phones within reaching distance of ourselves throughout the day. It is not only a quick and easy way to communicate with our friends and family, but it also provides an instant and endless supply of content including information, news, and entertainment. Based on research conducted by Performics and ROI Research, people except to be able to use their mobile devices for the following:

  • Banking
  • Order food
  • Make a restaurant reservation
  • Check public transportation schedules
  • Book travel and check-in for travel
  • Make a doctor’s appointment

So what does this mean for companies?

Companies need to be easily accessible on mobile devices. Applications and mobile websites are both useful functions in reaching your audience. Apps are typically used for better navigation in which they provide more engagement, functionality, and faster service. Websites are used for searching and quickly finding information. It is important to note that it is not enough to just have a standard website; it is important to develop a specific mobile website. Standard websites are not as compatible with mobile devices, given that they are set up for use on a bigger screen. Creating a mobile site that is simple to navigate and gives quality experience to the user is a way to optimize your digital presence. The design of the application and mobile website are important. Using the fact that mobile devices have a smaller screen is a great way to highlight and focus on what features are the most important for your users.

With a mobile device, it is important to engage the users with participation. The Starbucks app is the perfect example of this with their reward system, or better known as their Gold Card. Users are able to keep track of their card balance, easily reload their card with a touch of a button, gain stars with every purchase, and quickly find the nearest Starbucks location. This app is engaging, informative, and rewarding. As you make a purchase, you can watch as a star appears; meaning you are that much closer to earning a free drink! The features on this app gets users to buy more because you look forward to earning another star.

Personally, I am a frequent user of the Starbucks app. With my debit card already entered into the application, I simply push the reload button and type in my password to transfer more money to my card. This is convenient for me as a customer (and frankly kind of dangerous for my bank account), and beneficial for increasing sales at Starbucks.


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