Mobile Payments: The Digital Wallet

This world is becoming more and more digital as we develop new technologies. We use our mobile devices to do basically everything, including making purchases.

Mobile payment is an alternative way to use a credit or debit card. It gives the user the ability to pay directly from their mobile device using an application that stores their account information for a particular card. There has never been a need for mobile payments, however it is convenient and fits in with the digital lifestyle that is becoming more prominent. It removes the concept of physical payments such as cards and cash, and creates a digital wallet. Currently, more than 20% of payments are being conducted using a mobile device.

There are different forms of mobile payments such as Google Wallet, LevelUp, and Square. Google Wallet uses a “tap and go” feature, in which the user simply taps their phone to the terminal after entering their pin number into their phone. For this transaction to take place, there needs to be a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip to communicate between the phone and the terminal. The users account information for any particular card is stored on the application. Google Wallet allows many different types of cards to be stored, including debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards. LevelUp, similar to Google Wallet, uses a QR code that is scanned by the business. This application is not only quick and easy for the consumer but it provides marketing data for the business. They are able to target the users for specials and get them to come back. Square is a mobile payment for the business side of things. It is a credit card processor that lets anyone accept credit card payments by using a card reader that attaches to the phone via the audio jack. The only problem with the first two mobile payment concepts, Google Wallet and LevelUp, is that for those to work the business needs to have the right equipment to accept those forms of payment.


Bitcoin is a digital currency used to buy goods and services online. It is a way of eliminating the middle man, the bank. It decentralizes trust, there are no closing hours, there are no regulations, and it is difficult to counterfeit.

Bitcoins take mobile payments to a whole new level, and seems a little futuristic.

To be able to access everything and anything from your mobile device is convenient; to have everything in one place makes life easier. From accessing your calendar, communicating with people, checking the news, storing files, making purchases, and keeping track of your money. This shows just how digital our lives are becoming.


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