The End of DigiMark2.2

Digital Marketing has taught me a great deal about how marketing is incorporated on the Internet and the best methods for doing so to reach your target audience. I have learned about a variety of useful topics that I am sure will be helpful in my future career in marketing. From search engine optimization to mobile applications to content marketing. One of my favorite topics is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a natural way of attracting customers to your company through different methods including blogs, social media sites, videos, and so on. This concept seems to be incorporated into several of the other topics covered in this class which helped in understanding the whole idea.

HootSuite Certified Professional

Not only did I learn about many interesting topics, but I had the chance to have some hands-on experience with digital marketing. First, I received a basic understanding of coding through Code Academy. Coding is an essential skill to know, even as a marketer. To understand and be able to write basic codes makes it easier for marketing professionals to make quick changes and communicate efficiently with coders. Second, I become Hootsuite Certified. Hootsuite is a social media management site where you have the ability to access and manage all of your social platforms in one place. This saves marketers time and energy from signing in to each individual platform to update the site. Third, I had the chance to become certified for Google Analytics. This is a useful tool that enables you to track and analyze the effectiveness of your social networking sites and mobile applications. And finally, I learned how to write a blog and promote it in order to gain traffic.

Below is a snapshot of my stats for this blog. I had a word count of 7,297 words.

Screenshot (2)


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